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The milkandhoney Towel Buying Guide ...


At milkandhoney we believe that a good quality towel should be; soft to the touch, absorbent, not over heavy in order to dry efficiently after being washed. A wide variety of materials are used nowadays to make towels, however cotton is the perfect choice being a natural, ultra absorbent material.

Towels are generally made using one of the below techniques;

 milkandhoney towels are a combed cotton Jacquard weave.

Weight (gsm): also important to consider is the weight of the cotton used in the towel, referred to as the number of grams per square meter. This provides an excellent gauge of quality, absorbency and resiliency of your towel. Your perfect towel should ideally be between 450g/m2 and 550g/m2. Heavier towels may appear more luxurious however do bear in mind that a towel above 550gsm is very heavy and will therefore take a lot longer to dry after use or washing.

To maintain the look and feel of your milkandhoney towels here are a few care suggestions;