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Quality: milkandhoney duvets & pillows

Traumpass: Association for Quality Control of Feather & Down

This label gives you the safety that the quality of the filling material, that is feathers and down, is not only thoroughly controlled by unbiased experts, but that these control measures are additionally monitored by an independent certification body.

DIN CERTCO, an accredited organization, certifies with this label, that all quality tests have been carried through by strict standards.

The Traumpass label provides information about:

Europe-wide governing all aspects of the labelling of feathers and down as filling material of bedding articles.

Daunacara ®

This fabric provides protection from dust mites due to its being so tightly woven that the mites are unable to work their way through into the filling

The utilisation of Daunacara means that people who suffer from dust mite allergies can now utilise and enjoy bedding products filled with
Feathers and Down.

Click here to download and view the certificate.

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